New Advances in Green IT

What does COVID-19 have in common with climate change? Supercomputers are an important tool in fighting both of them. In collaboration with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Department of Energy and many others, IBM helped launch the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, which assembled massive supercomputing power to […]

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IBM’s Robert H. Dennard and the Chip That Changed the World

The inspiration, as is often the case, came late one evening. Bob Dennard, then a 34-year-old IBM electrical engineer, was pondering a colleague’s research presentation he’d seen earlier that day. It was autumn 1966, and Dennard had been helping design a new form of computer memory using silicon-based transistors. This approach, known as microelectronics, would […]

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AI Supercomputing and the Enterprise

In June 2008, the well-named IBM Roadrunner supercomputer blew past all competitors by clocking at compute speeds no system on the planet had achieved before. Fast forward 10 years to June 2018. IBM and the U.S. Department of Energy debuted Summit, the world’s smartest and most powerful supercomputer, capable of 200 million calculations, a million […]

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Canada Meteorological Center Taps Supercomputer for Advanced Forecasting

It’s been said that weather “informs the Canadian psyche as much as hockey or the maple leaf.” Whether Canadians are planning out their morning commutes for back to school, or dreaming about a family holiday for Thanksgiving, we all make our decisions based on what’s happening outside. Certainly, timely information on the weather is increasingly […]

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Delivering Science-Enabling Supercomputers for DOE’s Energy Mission

With the right tools, seemingly impossible problems can rapidly shift to the realm of possibility. This is true whether you’re talking about a simple one-person task or a complex challenge taken on by a group of committed individuals. Complex problems are second nature at the US Department of Energy (DOE). The agency is dedicated to […]

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