How a NASA Flight Controller’s Quick Thinking Saved Apollo 12

Less than a minute after Apollo 12 lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on Nov. 14, 1969, it was struck twice by lightning. The electrical surges knocked out the main on-board power supply and disrupted the telemetry feed that was sending data from the command module to NASA controllers on the ground. Their monitor […]

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The Apollo 11 Lessons We Live by Today

In 1969, more than 4,000 IBMers worked alongside NASA to land Apollo 11 on the moon. And for each day of the many months they worked writing code, programming computers and running simulations, they never stopped thinking: What else could we do? What contingency can we plan for? What are we forgetting? In fact, it […]

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IBM & NASA: Working Side-by-Side to Land on the Moon

This Saturday, July 20th, is the 50th anniversary of one of humanity’s greatest technological achievements: landing people on the Moon, and subsequently returning them safely to Earth. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy challenged Americans to reach the Moon by the end of the decade, and in 1969 an extraordinary collaboration between the public and […]

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