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First Watson Certification Helps Developers Build, Validate Skills

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In 2014, IBM launched the Watson Developer Cloud, making the power of cognitive computing available to developers across the world through a set of APIs on the IBM Bluemix platform. The results astounded even us. We’ve seen volumes of applications built by companies covering everything from personal health and fitness to travel and entertainment to financial services. It was amazing to see these early adopters jump onboard and showcase the power of cognitive computing.

We want to make it even easier for developers to learn how to build and deploy cognitive applications – and even more importantly, to distinguish themselves for having developed these critical skills. That’s why today, IBM is announcing a new program — the IBM Watson Application Developer Certification— designed to help developers all across the world build and validate their skills as well as connect with companies looking to leverage their unique talents.

We watch every day as individuals explore and apply Watson in new ways — from building natural language interfaces in a variety of languages so consumers can get answers faster to helping doctors uncover critical new insights from medical imagery. The developers driving this innovation are using AI and machine learning to bring amazing concepts to life, and they are pushing the boundaries of one of the most exciting new areas in tech history, cognitive computing.

The field of cognitive computing is growing rapidly — IDC predicts that by 2018, 50% of developer teams will embed cognitive capabilities in their applications. As developers continue to propel this innovation forward, we’re finding that companies are increasingly hungry for better ways to identify the best talent to build enterprise and consumer-focused cognitive solutions.

It is with this in mind that we’ve introduced the IBM Watson Application Developer Certification. It’s a way for those building with cognitive technologies to not only test their skills but to continue to advance them.

The Watson platform has always been open to developers because we believe not every great idea will come from within IBM. Developers represent the largest group of Watson users and have played a huge role in stretching the technology in creative ways. As the platform matures, these innovators deserve a way to measure their talent and get dialed in with organizations – both large and small – that are creating industry-changing solutions with Watson and who desperately need their skills.

The exam evaluates developers’ knowledge and understanding across four core areas:

  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Computing
  • Use Cases of Cognitive Services
  • Fundamentals of the IBM Watson Developer Cloud
  • Developing Cognitive Applications Using the IBM Watson Developer Cloud.

The test was developed by a panel of 20 Subject Matter Experts, including IBM Distinguished Engineers and technology experts currently applying Watson in key industries such as health care, banking and commerce. A successful applicant will be named an “IBM Certified Application Developer – Watson” and will receive a digital badge that is uniquely coded to the individual and will serve as a digital verification of their accomplishment.

The exam is offered through a third-party, Pearson VUE, and can be taken at any of their test centers in 175 countries around the world. It will also be offered at all IBM conferences, including the upcoming World of Watson forum this month in Las Vegas and in November at our Watson Developer Conference in San Francisco.

We’ve provided a library of resources for applicants to learn more and to help prepare for the exam, including digital study guides, sample tests and learning labs. If you attend one of these conferences, you could be one of the first to get certified — a great way to stand out to potential employers.

To learn more, visit our certification information page here.

So tell us, are you ready to be one of the first to become Watson certified?

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